FLOCS Signature Blends


FLOC has a heavenly range of blends to suit any end user. Using some of the finest Arabica beans and high-grade Robusta from multiple regions around the world, each blend presents a different experience with flavours and strengths to suit individual tastes.
Regular drinkers can treat themselves to full-bodied, rich aromas giving them that much needed kick. We also cater for the less frequent drinker with milder flavours as well as a decaffeinated blend.  More inspiring and highly desired in today’s world of health advocates, the owners are excited to bring you FLOCs organic blend Elements, sourced from a certified organic farm in Peru with a cupping score of 88. See below all our specialty coffee blends.

FLOC - prana
FLOC - bloom
FLOC - elements
FLOC -twosixfour